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Stomach Cancer

We Have a Strong Stomach For Cancer Care.

Stomach Cancer Treatment at Allegheny Health Network

Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer (also called gastric cancer) is an extremely rare form of cancer, and fortunately is in decline in the U.S. It starts when cancer cells form in the inner lining of the stomach wall and typically grows slowly over many years.

As a patient of the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute, you get care from highly skilled doctors who use the most innovative approached to treating stomach cancer.

To better set-up and coordinate your personalized treatment plan, our cancer care team, along with your 24/7 Care Navigator, will work to support your challenges, and help you better manage your emotions while listening to all of your concerns.

This combined focus accomplishes our simple mission: To deliver the highest quality resources, including a dedicated multidisciplinary team of cancer doctors, combined with innovative procedures, technologies and medicines, as well as effective research programs and clinical trials to demonstrate our total commitment to patient-centered care.

Click on the links below to learn more about symptoms and how we diagnose and treat stomach cancer at the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute.

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