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Baby boy arrives according to his own schedule

#AllofHerLifeLabor & Delivery

Jacqui’s pregnancy was going completely by the book. It was her first, and she felt great the entire time. When she was 33 weeks pregnant, she went to a routine appointment and mentioned that she hadn’t felt the baby move quite as much as before. To be on the safe side, her doctor sent her to West Penn Hospital for pre-term labor tests. Doctors there confirmed that everything was fine, and there was a 99.7% chance she wouldn’t go into labor in the next two weeks.

Two days later, just before guests began to arrive at her baby shower, her water broke. She rushed to the nearest hospital, and was quickly transferred to West Penn.

“I wasn’t scared at all, which is strange to say. I knew I was where I needed to be. They had taken me on a tour of the hospital and the NICU a few weeks before, and all the doctors told us what to expect at every turn and were calm the whole time.”

Healthy baby Ethan was born six weeks early. Jacqui was able to hold him for a little while before nurses took him for a nine-day stay in the NICU for monitoring, then he joined his family at home. Jacqui says that Ethan, who just celebrated his second birthday last week, is fiercely independent and energetic, and has a really fun sense of humor.