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College athlete values a non-surgical approach


Taylor is a Division 1 softball player and sophomore at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Last season she injured her knee running bases, and finished out the season with severe weakness and pain. When she came home for summer break, she went to see orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Gregory Hung, who referred her to orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine physician Dr. Brian Mosier to get Taylor on a course of treatment that’s in line with her active life.

“Dr. Mosier immediately ordered a second MRI, and did his very best to fix my problem without going in using surgery. That was super important to me, because obviously my sports career is a huge aspect of my life. He took time to connect with me, answer all my questions, break things down for me, and reassure me that he was going to get me better as fast as possible. I was shocked when I came to AHN and Dr. Mosier was willing to let me be active.”

Today she’s progressing even though she is still limited in what she can do. Taylor has worked closely with Dr. Mosier and her athletic trainer to create a strength plan to get her ready to tackle this season.