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Eye Cancer


Creating a New Vision For Cancer Care.

Eye Cancer Care at Allegheny Health Network

Apart from the human brain, the eye is one of the most intricate and complex organs in the body. Collecting light in the cornea, the eye turns, or bends, this light into electronic messages that are sent to the brain for interpretation. So flowers bloom with greater brilliance, sunrises shine with brighter clarity, and you can see a clearer path to treating and beating your eye cancer.

As a patient of the Cancer Institute at Allegheny Health Network, you receive care from doctors who use the most innovative approaches to tumors involving the eye, including cancers that affect the eyelid, orbit, conjunctiva, lacrimal gland, and structures surrounding the eye. With treatments tailored to curing the cancer, we also work to preserve your vision with minimal impact to the rest of your body.

Cancers affecting the eye and orbital area are rare, but with the strength of our vigorous research programs, you’ll have access to pioneering new clinical trials and therapies. Our cancer care team, along with your 24/7 Care Navigator coordinates a personalized treatment for you, supporting your challenges, keeping your spirits up, listening to your concerns and strengthening your overall well-being.

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