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I Had Cancer Podcast

Welcome to the I Had Cancer Podcast, an Allegheny Health Network and iHeart Production hosted by Bonny Diver of iHeartMedia. The I Had Cancer podcast provides personal and truthful conversations with cancer survivors along their journeys. Each episode will feature a different person with their unique perspective on their own fight against cancer. They are sharing their story to help others who might be facing similar challenges and to say they went from “I Have Cancer” to “I Had Cancer.”

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Episode 1 : Season preview

The I Had Cancer podcast premieres on May 15, 2019. Hosted by Pittsburgh’s Bonny Diver, a cancer survivor and patient advocate for over 16 years, iHeart Radio and the AHN Cancer Institute brings to you patients’ stories about their journeys of going from saying, “I have cancer” to “I had cancer".

Episode 2 : Triumphing over cancer

At 32, Nicole was starting a career in voice acting. But, her promising future was in danger when she learned she had a rare form of tongue cancer. Hear how Nicole overcame cancer to practice her craft.

Episode 3: A surprise screening result

Craig was too busy caring for his daughter to worry about his own health. But, his wife’s persistent reminders for a prostate screening saved his life. Craig shares his story – and his message to other men -- in this candid discussion.

Episode 4: New mom beats rare cancer

As an expectant mother, Gevony was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her second trimester. Hear how several Allegheny Health Network doctors worked together to develop a plan for a safe delivery of her son and then battle Gevony’s cancer with an aggressive, innovative treatment.

Episode 5: From untreatable to beatable

Roxann felt a lump on the side of her breast, made a doctor appointment, and soon learned she had aggressive breast cancer. Although the cancer was advanced, her AHN Cancer Institute team worked together to develop a multi-layered treatment plan that included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Roxann talks about the courage and faith it took to endure her year of treatment, and how her road to remission makes her feel more blessed than ever.

Episode 6: Newlywed battles testicular cancer

At 32 years old, Nathan was in the best shape of his life, eating well and working out at the gym. But after an annual physical, he was shocked to learn he had testicular cancer. Listen how Nathan successfully battled the disease and is now newly married and as strong as ever.

Episode 7: School principal rings in another year

Severe abdominal pain sent Brenda to the emergency room, and she was later diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer. Brenda’s oncology team quickly developed an effective treatment plan that has made her cancer-free for two years now. She shares her story of how she found strength in the people around her to beat the disease.

Episode 8: Falling off her horse saved her life

After she was thrown off her horse and broke her shoulder, she was checking out the bruises and found a lump. Bonny wasn’t expecting to hear she had breast cancer. Listen to her story about surviving cancer and becoming the founder of Hair Peace Charities.

Episode 9: A friend’s advice led him to Pittsburgh

In November, Jim started to have a hard time swallowing. When he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, he asked a friend who had a similar diagnosis three years earlier. Jim talks about how this advice sent him to Pittsburgh for treatment.

Episode 10: Pregnant. Cancer. Now what?

Cara was 36 weeks pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. She talks about what she did to have a healthy baby and begin her life-saving treatment.

Episode 11: Young woman’s melanoma sparks advocacy

Jessica got her first melanoma diagnosis three days before her 25th birthday and another at age 29. Jessica, now 36, talks about her treatment and how she started a foundation for melanoma research and awareness.

Episode 12: Immunotherapy helps fight Representative’s cancer

Jeff Pyle, 54, has Stage IV renal cell cancer. It claimed one kidney in 2005 and re-surfaced years later in his chest. Listen to how the latest treatment option controlled his cancer.

Episode 13: Don’t write the obituary yet

For Susan, it all started with a swollen ankle that lasted six months and eventually led to a diagnosis of Stage 3 ovarian cancer. Listen as she recounts her tale of the hurdles she faced during treatment and her mission to became an advocate for future cancer fighters.

Episode 14: Cancer no match for young mom

With children aged 5, 2 and 4 months, Laura found out she had Stage 3 rectal cancer. Only 32, she said having the perspective of, “I want to be a mom, not a cancer patient” carried her through treatment to a cancer-free life.

Episode 15: Grandfather focuses on advocacy after liver cancer

Tony was an eater, not a drinker, but still ended up with cirrhosis and liver cancer. After stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) and a liver transplant, he survived and thrived, even starting a foundation to raise awareness about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Learn more about his foundation at

Episode 16: Support from the beginning

The road from diagnosis to survivorship can be fraught with worry, fear, and uncertainty. Nurse navigator Rhea Rodriquez is always ready to support individuals battling cancer. Rhea talks about the joys and challenges of finding the resources and services her patients need before and after treatment.

Did you have cancer?

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Hosted by Bonny Diver

Bonny Diver has been in the Pittsburgh radio market over 20 years. Currently heard doing traffic updates on all the iHeart stations in morning drive. Along with the traffic, Bonny is part of the morning team with 3WS's Jonny Hartwell; "Jonny & Bonny" from 5 am til 10 am


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