Physician Wellness

Our family medicine program has designed a longitudinal wellness curriculum to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our residents and creating a culture that aids in the development of skilled, compassionate and resilient physicians. Our
multifaceted approach targets all aspects of resident wellness including social
well-being, mental health, financial education, physical health, technology training, and professional growth.

A few highlights of our program include:

  • Magellan Health offers 24/7 mental health support including 5 free, confidential counselling sessions. No diagnosis is reported. No employer notification. Additionally, we have an on site licensed behavioral therapist available for personal or clinical consultation
  • An active and creative Wellness Committee led by both faculty and residents 
  • The Pulse”, our monthly newsletter, keeps residents and faculty apprised of upcoming wellness and community happenings, important announcements and birthdays.
  • Periodic assessment with a validated burnout inventory
  • Monthly class meetings to discuss resident specific concerns, troubleshoot problems, and share experiences.
  • Protected personal time for mental health, medical, and dental care appointments
  • An annual program sponsored Intern Retreat
  • A dedicated mentorship program to provide new residents with consistent, organized, and compassionate support directly from their senior residents and faculty.
  • A focus on achievement through a monthly “Success Rounds” where residents and faculty are recognized for their dedication and passion for patient care.
  • Creative and fun social gatherings; including local festivals/tours, faculty sponsored journal clubs, holiday get togethers, ice cream after rounds and much more!