Return to Play Guidelines

Safety first. Always.

As school sports start back up, we’re working with schools across western PA to make sure their coaching staff and athletes follow strict guidelines on and off the field. These guidelines will help prevent the spread of Coronavirus and keep everyone safe.
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Recommended return to play guidelines for schools

Take a look at the actions we’re asking schools to take to help keep coaches and athletes safe from Coronavirus. If you need more information about safe return to contact sports, please reach out directly to your AHN athletic trainer or the AHN Sports Medicine Team.

Quick guide to guidelines

Health Screenings

  1. Screen all participants for fever or cold symptoms when they arrive.
  2. Keep attendance records of everyone present at all activities.

Physical Distancing

  1. Limit gathering sizes, indoors or out.
  2. Minimize contact for those at a higher risk for Coronavirus and practice physical distancing whenever possible.
  3. Use power cages and limit maximum lifts in the weight room. Position spotters at each end of the bar.


  1. Make sure everyone washes hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before touching any surfaces or working out.
  2. Have players use hand sanitizer when they move from workout station to workout station.
  3. Remind players to shower and wash their clothes immediately when they get home from a practice or game.

Facility Sanitization

  1. Sanitize all hard surfaces before any individual or groups enter a facility. These include: furniture, locker rooms, bathrooms, weight room equipment, and athletic training room tables.
  2. Make sure hand sanitizer is readily available.
  3. Have all participants wipe down weight equipment before and after each use. 
  4. Make sure all participants wear appropriate clothing and shoes at all times.
  5.  Cover any tears or holes on equipment that expose foam padding.

Equipment Sanitization

  1. Make sure athletes provide their own clothing and water bottles, and wash them after every workout or game.
  2. Sanitize shared equipment like bats, batting helmets, and catcher’s gear between each use.
  3. Do not allow other protective hockey, wrestling, football, and lacrosse equipment to be shared.