Frequently Asked Questions for Coronavirus

You’re hearing a lot about this, everywhere. Below you’ll find what we believe are the most important things to know, to do, and to be prepared for. Knowledge really is safety.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Learn how to stay safe, help AHN, and see your doctor for other care. Most importantly, get answers for what you need to know and do if you get COVID-19.

Basics and avoidance tips

We learn more about COVID-19 every day including how the virus spreads, who’s more susceptible, and how you can avoid catching it. See common questions and answers for basics and avoidance tips.

Care for other conditions

If you are pregnant or have a chronic condition, you probably have a lot of questions on how COVID-19 affects your ongoing care. See common questions and answers for care for other conditions.

If you suspect you have it

Discover when you need to quarantine yourself, see a doctor, and get tested. Also learn what happens after you test positive. See common questions and answers for if you think you have COVID-19.

Pregnancy and coronavirus

If you’re concerned about yourself, your pregnancy, or your baby during this time, AHN is here to help keep you safe and healthy. See common questions and answers for pregnancy and coronavirus concerns.

Coronavirus testing locations

If you’re experiencing Coronavirus symptoms or think you’ve been exposed to Coronavirus, you can get tested at an AHN doctor’s office or one of our Express Care locations. Learn more about our testing sites.