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Central Line Training

Central Line Training

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Participants must have satisfactorily completed the online central line insertion module.

This course is designed to increase staff feelings of competency in decision making and effectiveness while inserting a central line. Upon completion of the course, learners should be able to perform the central line insertion technique for the three major insertion sites (subclavian, internal juglar and femoral veins access) and demonstrate proper placement technique of central venous access.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and visualize the anatomy
  • Choose the technique that best suits the patient (avoiding femoral lines)
  • Use scrupulous sterile technique
  • Understand when to ask for assistance
  • Limit the number of attempts
  • Review CXR and recognize complications early
  • Follow the algorithm for possible catheter related infections

Expected Outcomes

  • Satisfactorily insert a central line catheter via all three major insertion sites: subclavian, internal jugular, and femoral
  • Demonstrate competency in simulation central line insertion utilizing a validated checklist for each site developed at Stanford University Course


  • Residents