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Realism in Simulation

Course Description:

This course provides and overview of innovative approaches to make education come alive using simulation technology.  Participants will learn techniques in the art of moulage and the role of a standardized patient to augment simulation based education. Expand your knowledge on how to effectively use these tools in simulated scenarios to create realism for your learners. This online course is followed by individual instruction by a STAR Team expert as you create realism in your simulation sessions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define realism in simulation.
  • Define Standardized Patient (SP) and recognize their role in simulation.
  • Define and review moulage techniques.
  • Review how to incorporate SP and moulage into simulation to for the purpose of making the scenario more realistic.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Use realism in your next simulation session.
  • Incorporate standardized patients to create a unique experience.
  • Moulage your mannequin or standardized patient to replicate physical realism.


Course Facilitators/Instructors