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STARTS (Simulation, Teaching, and Academic Research Training Session) is a two-part course designed to teach STAR course facilitators how to operate the simulators. The course begins with the online component where instructors are introduced to simulation education and learn about the operation and care of the specific equipment that is pertinent to their own teaching needs. Once they are deemed competent online, instructors receive hands-on practice operating the various simulators, task trainers, software and equipment in the Center.


  • Laerdal SimMan 3G
  • Laerdal SimMan
  • Laerdal Nursing Anne VitalSim Advanced, ALS Simulator and MegaCode Kid
  • Laerdal SimNewB
  • Gaumard Birthing Noelle
  • Harvey The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator

Task Trainers

  • Blue Phantom Central Line Task Trainer
  • Kyoto Kagaku Lumbar Puncture Simulator
  • Laerdal 12-Lead Task Trainer
  • Laerdal VitalSim Arrhythmia Trainer
  • Laerdal Blood Pressure Trainer
  • Laerdal IV Torse
  • Laerdal Virtual I.V. Trainer (Adult and Infant)
  • Laerdal VitalSim Sounds Trainer
  • Laerdal Wound Care Model
  • Limbs & Things Elbow for Joint Injection
  • Limbs & Things Hand & Wrist for Injection
  • Limbs & Things Knee for Aspiration
  • Limbs & Things PROMPT Birthing Simulator
  • Limbs & Things Shoulder for Injection
  • MediSim Thoracentesis Simulator
  • Nasco Pericardiocentesis Simulator
  • Vata Chester Chest (PICC Line Trainer)
  • Sawbones Thoracentesis & Paracentesis Trainer
  • Cervix Examination Set
  • TraumaMan Torso

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of simulation in enhancing the educational experience
  • Identify the principles of best practices in simulation education
  • Understand how to operate the STAR simulators, task trainers, software and equipment
  • Identify the forms required to request and conduct a simulation session in the STAR Center

Expected Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate simulation into clinical education
  • Incorporate best practices in the design of simulation scenarios
  • Demonstrate the ability to operate the STAR simulators, task trainers, software and other pertinent equipment including pre-programmed simulation scenarios
  • Complete requisite paperwork


  • STAR course instructors who have never taught in the Center