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In SITU Mock Code

This course is the sequel to the Mock Code Training Using Interdisciplinary Group Dynamics course, designed for all medical, nursing, and respiratory therapy staff who respond to medical emergency and code conditions. Topics covered in this course include: organized team response, competent leadership, appropriate interventions per hospital policy, proper basic life support (BLS) and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) guidelines, collaborative teamwork, effective communication, professional behavior, and crowd management. Through active participation utilizing simulation technology, healthcare team members will be able to practice their affective, cognitive, and psychomotor skills in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Learning objectives

  • Assemble an organized code blue team response which includes the patient care team already in place
  • Exhibit competent leadership under stressful conditions
  • Perform duties appropriate to the participants role on the interdisciplinary team
  • Initiate proper BLS and ACLS based on protocols.
  • Demonstrate dynamic decision making and collaborative teamwork throughout the resuscitation
  • Provide effective communication and appropriate hand off communication throughout scenarios

Expected outcomes

  • Demonstrate an appropriate response to an emergency situation
  • Improve your use of the Chain of Group Dynamic Model within a code team response
  • Effectively communicate using SBAR appropriately


  • Medical, nursing, and respiratory therapy staff who respond to medical emergency and code conditions.

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