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Mock Stroke Alert

This course is intended to educate nursing staff in the proper procedure to implement during a stroke alert. Course content emphasizes the importance of early recognition and prompt treatment of a stroke patient. Training is done in the clinical setting (in situ) using high-fidelity simulators. At the end of this course, participants will have demonstrated competence in recognizing the signs and symptoms of stroke, initiating the neuro alert procedure, performing the actions required by the stroke alert procedure, and providing initial care for the stroke patient.

Learning objectives

  • Identify signs and symptoms of stroke and correctly determine the "last known well time"
  • Demonstrate the actions to take during a neuro alert
  • Perform NIH stroke scale assessment
  • Maintain accurate documentation in electronic medical record

Expected outcomes

  • Demonstrated competence in recognizing the signs and symptoms of stroke
  • Provide initial care for stroke patient


  • All nursing staff

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