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COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters

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Immunocompromised people can now receive a COVID-19 booster. Check to see if you're eligible and book your appointment.

Current Residents 2020 - 2021


Irtaza Asar, DO
Craig Brewster, DO
Briana King, DO
Rosalind Konikoff, DO
Matthew McCarthy, DO
Lindsay Shankman, DO


Nathan Ellis, MD
Andrew Heslin, DO
Sejal Patel, MD
Joseph Schinsky, MD, MS
Chad Stratford, DO
Tanner Tuggle, DO


Sarah Bilski, DO
Susannah Boulet, DO
Kristen Bublitz, DO
Paul Jimenez Stuart, DO
Dillon Kolacz, MD
Clinton Van Hoff, DO