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Current Residents 2020 - 2021


Irtaza Asar, DO

Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: University of Pittsburgh; English and Biology
Medical School: LECOM
Hobbies: Gaming, TV shows, cats
Why St. Vincent: I chose St. Vincent’s because of the amazing residents like Tom, Adam, Evan, Dhimitri, Dusty, Ryann, Olga, Scott, Rosalind, Bri, Craig, Matt, Lindsay, Joe X2, Jess and Mohammad

Craig Brewster, DO

Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Arizona State University; Life Science
Medical School: LECOM
Hobbies: Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting
Why St. Vincent: I love what Erie has to offer for my family and EM allows me to see all sorts of different patients from super sick to someone needing a human to talk to

Briana King, DO

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Allegheny College; Neuroscience
Medical School: LECOM Seton Hill
Hobbies: Hiking, jet skiing, drawing, painting, reading
Why St. Vincent: I found a home and family at St. Vincent that encouraged “hands on” learning and allowed you to play an active role in your own education

Rosalind Konikoff, DO

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: SUNY Geneseo; Biology and Spanish, Barry University; Biomedical Sciences
Medical School: LECOM Seton Hill
Hobbies: Wilderness Medicine, hiking, succulents
Why St. Vincent: The camaraderie, community hospital with big city pathology

Matthew McCarthy, DO

Hometown: Erie, PA
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Gannon University; Biology
Medical School: LECOM
Hobbies: Snowboarding, waterskiing, playing with my dog, exercise, time with family and friends
Why St. Vincent: opportunity for ample procedures, emphasis on critical care training, opportunity to earn autonomy in caring for patients, the people!

Lindsay Shankman, DO

Hometown: Aurora, OH
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Hamilton College: Math and Computer Science
Medical School: LECOM
Hobbies: Cooking, swimming
Why St. Vincent: The ER Family! When I came to audition everyone was very welcoming and excited to help teach me. My experience intern year has been the same. It is a very supportive and team centered atmosphere.


Nathan Ellis, MD

Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Oklahoma Baptist University, Biology; University of Utah, MPH
Medical School: University of Oklahoma School of Medicine
Hobbies: Skiing, mountain biking, running, rebuilding cars, starting the day with coffee and ending it with wine, and doing whatever my girl wants at the moment
Why St. Vincent: St. Vincent is the perfect place to learn Emergency Medicine. I will be doing my own procedures as it is unopposed. Additionally, the high volumes seen at St. Vincent allows the chance to see the full extent of emergency medicine. Upon exiting my residency, I am sure I will be able to handle anything that comes into the ER.

Andrew Heslin, DO

Hometown: Redlands, CA
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Loyola Marymount University, Biology
Medical School: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine/Midwestern
Hobbies: Mountain biking, snowboarding, kite boarding, fitness, travel

Sejal Patel, MD

Hometown: Surat, India
Medical School: Tver State Medical Academy, Russia
Hobbies: Traveling, gardening, cooking
Why St. Vincent: During my observership in St. Vincent Hospital ER, I got to know the residents and attendings. They create a friendly and stress-free working/learning environment. It is a typical emergency department with high volume and high acuity patients, with excellent learning opportunities. One of the many qualities about this program is that the residents have enough autonomy with adequate supervision from attendings leading to development of independent decision making.

Joseph Schinsky, MD, MS

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: University of Dayton; Biology, Pennsylvania State University; Kinesiology/Biomechanics
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University SOM
Hobbies: Being outdoors (hiking, camping, fishing/fly fishing, mountain biking, etc.), hanging with my wife and kids, working on cars

Chad Stratford, DO

Hometown: Layton, UT
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Weber State University, Psychology; University of Charleston, MPAS
Medical School: LECOM
Hobbies: Golf, NBA basketball, wakeboarding, snowboarding, hiking, watching my kids’ sports, hanging out with family
Why St. Vincent: During my audition rotation St. Vincent felt like home. Everyone at the program was is very supportive and kind and invested in seeing you succeed. Also, the residency is unopposed in regard to procedures

Tanner Tuggle, DO

Hometown: Peterstown, WV
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Concord University, Biology
Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies: Fly fishing, hiking, hunting, sports, spending time with my Golden Retrievers
Why St. Vincent: After my audition, I knew it was the place I wanted to end up. Mainly, the high volume, high acuity, and great people. St. Vincent additionally gives you a great place to learn in and is one of only two programs, EM and FM, so there is less competition for procedures. Lastly, Erie has some of the best fishing in the country so that made my decision even easier.


Sarah Bilski, DO

Hometown: Dallas, PA
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA; BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie
Hobbies: adopting rescue dogs, rabbits and birds; hiking; marital arts; Disney vacations

Susannah Boulet, DO

Hometown: Elma, NY
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY; BS in Biological Sciences; Post-baccalaureate at LECOM
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Bradenton
Hobbies: dogs, camping, hiking, baking, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones

Kristen Bublitz, DO

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: Centre College, Danville, KY; BS in Biology & History
Medical School: Pikeville (Kentucky) College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies: glassblowing, knitting, painting pottery, read, cook, travel

Paul Jimenez Stuart, DO

Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: University of Houston, TX; BS in Kinesiology Exercise Science; Post-baccalaureate at University of Houston
Medical School: Ohio University of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies: time with family & friends, playing and teaching ice hockey & skating, traveling (30+ countries); playing piano, golf; cooking, painting/art

Dillon Kolacz, MD

Hometown: Fairview/Prosper, TX
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: University of Texas at Austin; BA in Chinese; Beijing Institute of Education, Beijing, China – Chinese Intensive Language Program
Medical School: Texas A&M University College of Medicine, College Station, TX
Hobbies: former gymnast at University of Texas; calisthenics and hand balancing; Olympic recurve bow shooting, weightlifting, flexibility training, cooking, sewing

Clinton Van Hoff, DO

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT and Stow, OH
Undergrad/Grad School; Major: University of Utah at Salt Lake, UT; BS in Exercise and Sport Medicine
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie
Hobbies: being a father and husband, snowboarding, baseball, hiking, snow shoeing, fishing, camping, card tricks, watching movies, spending time with family and friends