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About the school

The purpose of Citizens School of Nursing is to graduate individuals prepared for registered nurse (RN) licensure and competent for entry-level practice in a variety of healthcare settings.

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The entire two-year nursing program is organized into two academic years, which are subdivided into terms. This total program consists of 50 nursing credit equivalents and 24 earned college credits. In addition to classes in nursing theory and practice, 24 college credits are required in specific subjects earned at Penn State University and Westmoreland County Community College.

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Citizens School of Nursing has extensive facilities for instruction and clinical experience. Allegheny Valley Hospital serves as the chief area for experience in the practice of nursing. The 228-bed facility serves patients with a variety of health problems. This affords an abundance of opportunities for the practice of nursing. Various cooperating agencies are also used to provide clinical experiences in the specialized areas of nursing and in the community.

Academic Progression/Promotion and Graduation

At Citizens School of Nursing, academic progress and eligibility for graduation are determined by the documented successful completion of required nursing and college courses with a minimum grade of “C” on a term-by-term basis. For more information:


Applicants who meet admission criteria will be admitted to the School of Nursing. A class of regular students starts in August of each year. Advanced placement licensed practical nurse (LPN) students begin in Semester II.

Each applicant is to be aware that conviction of a felony prior to or during the course of the educational program may result in the denial of licensure by the State Board of Nursing.

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Citizens School of Nursing has a Financial Aid Office dedicated to helping students fund their education. For more information:

Health and safety

Nursing students, under direct faculty supervision, perform essentially the same physical activities in the clinical areas as do professional registered nurses. Citizens School of Nursing promotes health and safety for all through various policies and procedures. For more information:

Student Life