Physician Referral App FAQ

Search criteria

Are all the specialists available in the app?

Yes. Every specialist that we can automatically set up appointments for is available in the app. If you are looking for specialists that may be aligned with AHN and you do not find them, call the Physician Access Center at 1-844-637-3337 and we can verify them for you. The Physician Access Center is available weekdays from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM and on weekends from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

What if I don’t see the specialist I am looking for?

If we have added or removed a specialist you're looking for, you need to call the Physician Access Center at 1-844-637-3337 to verify their status, however, please check that you’ve spelled their name correctly or search under their specialty to confirm.

How do a find a specialist with an expertise that’s not one of the featured specialties in the list?

When you type the name of an expertise or condition, the application’s auto complete feature will show you sub categories that match your criteria. All of our specialists are grouped by their Specialty and are their profiles include tags for the specific expertise or conditions you may be looking for. Experiment with different expertise names and remember to save your favorites to your contacts by pressing the heart icon on their profile or specialist card.


How do I find specialists in a specific location?

When you begin a search, the results are shown both in a list and on a map. You may swipe or zoom inside the map to change the area of your search and press the Search This Area button to update the results. If you have location services turned on in the application (recommended), the results will default to show specialists within a 5-mile radius from your position by default. If you prefer, you can use the option button below the map to change the default radius for your search session to acquire more results. In addition, you may enter a ZIP code or City Name in the search filter field by pressing the Spyglass button under the map. To remove the filter, press the X (Cancel) button on the ZIP or CITY tile below the map.

How can I view multiple specialists at one location like a hospital?

Many of our specialists’ prime locations are in and around our hospitals. If you tap the Location icon on the map the list will display the number of specialists at that location, and you may also swipe down to view all of them. To return to the search list, press the List icon at the top right corner of the green Title Bar.

How do I get back the list of specialists from my search if I click a location on the map?

In the top right corner of the green Title bar there is a List icon that will return your display to the list mode.

What if I don’t see the expertise I’m looking for on the Specialist’s Card?

Tap the card to view all of their expertise listed below their photograph on specialist’s profile page. There are also additional conditions and expertise in our database that may not display in their profile, but our database will return them in your results. To be efficient we’ve only listed the main specialty and their top three expertise on the results card. Many Specialists have more than three areas in which they have expertise. If you cannot find the expertise you are looking for, call the Physician Access Center at 1-844-637-3337 and one of our agents will gladly assist you.