Son gets first cast after Dad makes a Same-Day Appointment

Son gets first cast after Dad makes a Same-Day Appointment

It was a typical fall Sunday afternoon. Nine-year-old Nathan was tossing the football with his friends in his front yard. The kids were having a great time, until Nathan tried to grab hold of a wild pass and tripped. Out of instinct, he held out his hand to break his fall. Instead, he ended up breaking his fingers. They bent back when his hand connected with the curb.

His father, Michael, took him to the AGH Suburban Urgent Care for X-rays. The doctor said Nathan fractured two bones above the knuckle on his left ring finger and one on his middle finger. He recommended Nathan see an orthopaedic doctor.

Michael was worried about how long that would take. According to a recent survey, the average wait for an orthopaedic visit is 11 days.* But an urgent care staff member told Michael about Allegheny Health Network’s (AHN) Same-Day Appointment system.

So Michael called 412-DOCTORS before 11 a.m. on Monday. And the operator set up an appointment at the state-of-the-art Pediatric Orthopaedic Institute (POI) in Wexford for that same afternoon.

Making sure your child doesn’t have to wait to see a specialist is #LivingProof.

A one-stop shop for children’s orthopaedic care

Having recently opened for business in 2017, the POI in Wexford caters to children’s unique needs. Care team members go out of their way to provide support and make families feel at ease when they visit the facility.

“It’s a warm, welcoming place,” said Michael. “Everyone there is very nice and helpful.”

Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon Stephanie Schneck-Jacob, MD, met with Michael and his son to discuss Nathan’s broken bones. Nathan was excited to hear that he needed a cast. It would be his first.

“At first he chose a cast with a flag pattern,” said Michael. “But then he realized his friends might not have room for their signatures, so he changed his mind. He ended up with a solid blue color.”

The cast covered his injured fingers and went halfway up his arm.

A smooth process

Michael found it simple to schedule follow-up appointments at the POI so Dr. Schneck-Jacob could make sure Nathan’s bones were mending properly. After four weeks, she removed the cast. But she recommended Nathan still limit his physical activity.

“They took a new X-ray to make sure everything was healing,” said Michael. “Everything looked OK.”

Because Nathan has two older siblings, Michael’s had to deal with his children’s injuries before. He appreciates when care is easy to get.

“I would definitely use Same-Day Appointments again,” said Michael. “And if my kids would need to see an orthopaedic doctor again, the Pediatric Orthopaedic Institute would be the first place I’d call.”

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*Source: Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Times and Medicare Rates; Merritt Hawkins.