Wanda Gets a New Heart

We've been a part of some great stories about real people with real heart problems getting the help they need and beating the odds. We’d like to share some of them with you.

Wanda is an active grandma. In 2014, she was a nurse’s aid and began feeling tired and out of breath at work. Her back began to hurt. So, she decided to go to the emergency room and they sent her home, thinking that these symptoms were caused by work. When the symptoms wouldn’t go away, she went back and that’s when they discovered that Wanda had just suffered a massive heart attack. All her arteries were blocked and she needed a heart transplant.

She got her new heart on Sunday, Oct 4th, 2015. By Wednesday, she felt ready to go home – her energy was back. That next month, her 8th grandchild was born. She thanks her AHN doctors for making it possible to meet her new grandchild and giving her the energy to chase around the other 7. 

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