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Volunteering Opportunities at Allegheny General Hospital

People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Students are looking for a valuable career and work experience and use volunteering as a way to explore the health-care field, gain job references, and fulfill school community service.

Adults, on the other hand, volunteer to share their skills and talents, to lend a helping hand, and for socialization and interaction with others. And some people simply want to give back to the community. No matter your reason, explore the areas below for some of our available volunteer opportunities and get involved.

Care cart

This is one of our newest opportunities visiting different units around the hospital with a fully stocked cart with a variety of diversional activities including word search books, crossword puzzles, playing cards, coloring books, reading materials and more! It’s a great way to provide comfort and relaxation to a bored or lonely patient.

Friendly visitor volunteers

Our friendly volunteers are available to make visits to patients in the hospital as requested. This is especially meaningful to patients who may be lonely or who have few visitors and would just like someone to talk with.

Greeters and guiders

Create a great first impression by warmly greeting the patients and visitors to the hospital. Assisting them by providing directory information and on occasion escort patient’s to their final destination. It’s a great way to meet new people!

Music for the soul

A fantastic way to soothe the hearts and souls of all our patients, families and employees. Volunteers of all ages and walks of life who are experienced players are welcome to join our dynamic “Music for the Soul” team of volunteers. Preferred soothing instruments to be played.

Nursing units

Junior volunteers have the opportunity to assist staff and patients on the nursing unit. Duties include: filling and distributing water pitchers, restocking supplies, bed making, escorting patients, and helping with meal trays, in addition to visiting with patients. This is an excellent opportunity for a student who is considering a career in nursing or medicine.

Clerical and computer projects

Positions in the hospital are well-suited for either the person who has clerical or computer skills and wants to put them to good use or for someone who would like to learn and expand their skills. Each clerical opportunity throughout the hospital has similar duties including: answering the phone, running errands, various data entry, and computer projects.

Pastoral care

Eucharistic Minister Volunteers distribute Holy Communion and spend time in prayer with Catholic patients.

Patient escort

Volunteers who love being active and enjoy interacting with patients can become a Patient Escort. Volunteers transport patients via wheelchair or stretcher to various parts of the hospital. This improves the patient’s experience by adding variety to their stay.

Patient mail delivery

Volunteers brighten the day of our patients by visiting with them and delivering their letters and cards. Some may even ask you to read their mail to them or write a letter for them. This allows for some exercise and a way to meet many new and interesting people.

Patient representatives

As part of our on-going Service Excellence mission, volunteers add to the patient's positive hospital experience. Our Patient Representative volunteers visit with in-patients to inquire about their hospital experience and relay any feedback or suggestions for improvement to the appropriate staff for follow-up.

Pet therapy

Trained and certified therapy dogs that are registered with a specific pet handler lift the spirit of our patients, visitors and staff they meet throughout the hospital. Our pet therapy dogs always brings a big smile and warm heart to all our patients and employees.


Reiki is a holistic, natural healing technique that touches on all levels of the mind, body and spirit. Reiki sessions may be performed while either sitting up or lying flat, involve a light touch or gentle lying of the hands. This technique truly helps to relax and let go of any stress or anxiety. Must be a qualified Reiki level two to volunteer.