Volunteer Opportunities at Allegheny Valley Hospital

Many volunteers choose to volunteer directly with patients, their families and hospital visitors in the following areas:

Emergency department liaison

Volunteer liaisons, age 15 and up, enhance the patient’s experience in the Emergency Department by providing support and communication for the family, patient and staff in the ED. Volunteers greet patients and families, log basic information for staff, assist with wheelchairs and keep families and patients and families informed.

Lobby hosts and escorts

Volunteers greet all guests and visitors upon arrival and transport patients, via wheelchair, to various areas of the hospital. This opportunity provides lots of interaction with people and is also great exercise! Volunteers also deliver flowers to patient care units.

Information desk

Volunteers greet guests and provide directions to various hospital locations including meetings, support groups, educational programs, and special events. Volunteers also assist outpatients with contacting transportation services, lost and found, and others as needed. Volunteers provide information about visiting hours, hours of operation of the gift shop and cafeteria, and location of resources such as meditation room, vending locations, and pay phones.

Surgical reception liaison

Volunteers provide information, refreshments, and emotional support to patients and families in the surgical area. Volunteers act as the communication link between patients reporting for surgery (and the families waiting) and the clinical staff by obtaining basic information and tracking the patient’s location throughout the surgical and post surgical process.

Patient mail delivery and e-cards

Volunteers brighten the day of our patients by visiting with them and delivering their cards and letters. Some may even ask you to read their mail to them or help them open envelopes or write responses. This position provides great exercise and a way to meet many new people. Volunteers also utilize a computer and printer to print out cards sent electronically to deliver to patients. Less mobile volunteers who still want to help can serve in the mailroom sorting mail in preparation for delivery to patients. Truly there’s something for everyone.

Occupational therapy and physical therapy

Both students and adults enjoy this opportunity to work closely with patients and rehabilitation professionals. Duties include transporting patients back to their rooms, stocking supplies, some clerical work and lots of interaction with patients. For anyone considering rehabilitation as a career this is a great opportunity.

Patient ambassador

Adult and junior ambassadors assist staff and patients on nursing units. Responsibilities include visiting patients via regular rounds to identify unmet needs, provide socialization, and assist with tasks such as making phone calls, reading, and assisting with meal trays. Ambassadors also assist staff with a variety of tasks to enhance patient care and service.

Chaplain service

Allegheny Valley Hospital recognizes that patients may have spiritual concerns during a hospital stay. In response to this need, AVH works closely with the Allegheny Valley Association of Churches (AVAC) to provide a volunteer chaplain service primarily to patients not affiliated with a church and to employees and to patients and their families who request help. Chaplains serve as "Chaplain of the week" for two to four rotations each year, including 24-hour call. Ordained ministers interested in serving as a volunteer chaplain are encouraged to contact the AVAC hospital chaplain ministry coordinator at (724) 226-0606, option #7 or the Volunteer Resources office at (724) 226-7370.

Eucharistic ministers

Under the auspices of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Eucharist Ministers make weekly Communion rounds at AVH. Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament parish in Natrona Heights administers the program. Volunteers are trained and authorized by the Diocese and must complete a volunteer application and orientation requirements at AVH.

Eucharist ministers interested in serving as volunteers to provide Communion to hospitalized patients of the Catholic faith are encouraged to contact Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament at (724) 226-4900.

Patient volunteer navigators

The Patient Volunteer Navigator meets non-medical needs, provides peer support, and partners with staff to provide a caring environment and a personalized patient experience. The Patient Volunteer Navigator acts as a friendly visitor to patients with the ultimate goal of improving patient service, offering comfort, and support to the patient and family and making the care experience more personalized.

Clerical and computer projects

Many hospital departments welcome the assistance of volunteers with answering phones, filing, data entry projects, and other errands. Great opportunities exist for anyone who wants to share their skills or for those who want to learn and expand their skills.

Mailings and special projects

Volunteers assist with a multitude of special projects ranging from bulk mail preparation (labeling, stuffing, folding, and sorting) to patient chart preparation and event preparation. You can choose to work weekly or on an ‘as needed’ basis for large seasonal projects. Volunteers enjoy socializing while working on large projects together.

AVH auxiliary

Volunteers who enjoy fundraising and special events may want to be part of the AVH Auxiliary. This devoted group actively supports the hospital’s mission in serving patients and plans events throughout the year, which benefit AVH and our patients.

Application form

To become a volunteer, please fill in AHN Volunteer Application form.