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Net Learning

The NetLearning System is an online healthcare structure designed to track and manage all education initiatives. (i.e., computer-based training, instructor-led classes, in-services, off-campus training, seminars and competency management.) The above applications are managed in one database set.
The NetLearning System ensures that employees get the training they need at the time they need it and on their own personal schedule. NetLearning System has over 10 years experience in the healthcare industry assisting facilities to reduce costs and educate their staff.
The NetLearning System is consists of three main components:
  1. NetLearning Administrator automates virtually every training process, including setting up classes and exams, enrolling learners, tracking process, updating transcripts and reporting data in a variety of ways
  2. My NetLearning is where staff will complete coursework, take exams, view and print transcripts.
  3. Compliance Series is made up of 53 Compliance and 6 HIPAA courses. Joint commission and OSHA learning modules customized for Jefferson Hospital.
Yearly Mandatory Education
At the beginning of each calendar year, January 1st all employees will receive their yearly mandatory assignment. These courses will appear in the my courses/my classes box. The due date for these courses will be October 31st of the calendar year.

Sign In Now 

Instructions

1.  The NetLearning homepage for Jefferson Hospital employees will appear.
2.  In the login box, type in your user ID  (the first four letters of your last name and the last four digits of your social security number)
     EX: Mary Johnson, SS# 987-65-4321, her user ID would be JOHN4321
     If your last name has only 2 or 3 letters, use Xs so that you have 4 places.
     EX: Mary Day, SS# 123-45-6789, her user ID would be DAYX6789

3.  Your password is jefferson  

Navigating the NetLearning Learning Center
 When you first login you will see three boxes:
  • My courses/classes box (where you will find any assigned courses)
  • My completions box (this a record of your completed courses/classes)
  • My recertifications (a reminder of any clinical recerts)
You will see these 3 boxes from the Main tab. If you click on the Reports tab, you will see the 3 types of reports you can access for reference.
  • Curriculum Assessment
  • Enrollments & Completions
  • Transcripts (type you will use the most)
You will also have a Main Menu drop down list. From this drop down list you can:
  • Edit your profile
  • Enter information regarding any license that you may have. (RN, CRNP, etc.)
  • Access the HELP section for any questions you may have about NetLearning.
To log out of the learning system, use the Sign Out button next to the Main Menu drop down list.