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Saint Vincent Hospital

Insurance Coverage

To relieve financial stress during your hospital stay, the Financial Counseling office can help you with coverage   and payment information.   The office can estimate the cost of your hospital care at Saint Vincent Health Center and compare to your verified insurance benefits. It is important to note that most insurance policies, including Medicare, have deductibles or co-payments that must be covered by the patient for hospitalization. You can talk with your nurse to request a meeting with a financial counselor to discuss payment options. 

Those who are uninsured may benefit from an application for state medical assistance.  An interview with a Saint Vincent financial counselor can be arranged during your stay.  Our business office will continue to assist you to complete the application after discharge.  If you entered the hospital as the result of an urgent admission, either through the emergency department or by doctor's order, a financial counselor can work with a family member to make sure you receive the maximum coverage from your insurance benefits. It is important that either you or a family member bring your identification and health insurance cards to the hospital so we can verify your insurance coverage promptly and efficiently.