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Saint Vincent Hospital

Physician Resource Center

Use the links below to locate tools and resources that will help you access Saint Vincent services and physicians.

Access SV

With the implementation of the SVPortal on December 9, 2008, the Medical Records Department converted to an new Electronic Medical Record called Horizon Patient Folder.

Physicians are required to obtain their login to SVPortal to complete their medical record charts. Physicians can schedule training by contacting Darlene Stanton at 452-5082. They can also review training modules on this page and then contact Darlene to obtain their access code.


Provider Remote Access

To enroll in the remote access program at Saint Vincent, please complete a Remote Access Agreement.  This form must be filed with the Information Security Office at the address on the form before access will be granted.

For assistance with the Remote Access Program, please contact the IT Help Desk at 814-452-5868.

Remote Access Brochure for Employees
Remote Access Brochure for Independent Providers

Remote Access Agreement for Employees
Remote Access Agreement for Independent Providers

Training Modules
Worklist Management
Data Viewing

Physician access to SV Portal for electronic medical records, instructions for remote access for employed and independent physicians, and clinician training resources  


Practice Resources

Centralized Outpatient Scheduling

With just one phone call, physician office staffs can schedule patients for outpatient diagnostic testing at Saint Vincent. By calling 814-866-4850 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, you can schedule outpatient tests involving radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiotechnical services, respiratory care and neurodiagnostics. A Saint Vincent associate will schedule each patient's procedures using a computer program that cross-references all five of the above diagnostic areas and allows the associate to schedule each test as close in time as possible, simplifying an outpatient's testing schedule. Outpatient procedures that can be scheduled include:

Nuclear medicine, MRI, CT, sonography, fluoro procedures (e.g., barium enemas) and specials (e.g., arthrograms and myelograms)
*Imaging Center at Yorktown - technology, service and convenience

Cardiotechnical Services
Stress test, echocardiogram, Holter monitor, duplex carotid and arterial/venous evaluation

Respiratory Testing
Pulmonary function, ABG, oximetry and induced sputum


For your convenience, we've provided several frequently requested forms for use in your practice. Simply click on the form, print and make copies for use in your office.


The Saint Vincent Medical Staff Listserv provides alternative communication to and among all members of the Saint Vincent Medical Staff. Through the list service, Saint Vincent Medical Staff members can post concerns or clinical questions. Others can then acknowledge the same concern or offer clarification or comment. Messages should be sent to:

Medical staff leaders will monitor the list and respond to specific questions between normally scheduled meeting times.

In order to keep the same decorum expected at a meeting, medical staff members should observe the following rules when using the listserv:

  1. No defamation of individuals or inappropriate language
  2. No sharing of confidential physician, hospital or patient information
  3. No disclosure of collusive information (e.g., fee schedules, etc.)

The Saint Vincent webmaster will confer access and monitor the listserve for compliance with rules of participation.

To enroll in the Saint Vincent medical staff Listserv, e-mail the administrator for more information.

Additional Resources

Scheduling for outpatient diagnostic testing services, including radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiotechnical services, respiratory care and neurodiagnostics; listserv information; and additional resources  


Patient Referrals to Saint Vincent

Patient referral, hospital access or patient transfer information shouldn´t be complicated or time-consuming. When you or one of your patients needs assistance, you want and deserve a response quickly and easily. That's why we have CONSULT and One-Call Transfer.


CONSULT is a toll-free phone line for physicians and medical professionals to obtain information about referrals and discuss options. Call 1-800-326-3336 (whether you are in Erie or outside the area) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and registered nurses will help you select or access Saint Vincent physicians and Health Center services, or will direct your call appropriately.

Saint Vincent Transfer Line

When you or your office staff already have a physician referral but would like help facilitating the patient transfer, call 1-800-326-3336. Simply provide the appropriate patient and physician information, and a member of the Saint Vincent Transfer Line team will facilitate the paperwork and arrangements.

Referrals to Medical/Dental Staff

To refer a patient to a Saint Vincent medical or dental staff member, please visit the "Find A Doctor" section of the web site.