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Different Rallies. Same Care.

Brett spends his days teaching and coaching high school students, and staying active, on the tennis court, at his favorite fishing spot, or hiking in the woods — ideally with his wife, kids, and dog — is his passion. But when part of his femur popped out of place, he was stuck, unable to walk without crutches for months. Whatever your sport, whatever your level, get major league care from AHN and get back to what you love.

Teacher returns to active life.

“At 38, I was too young for knee replacements. A new one every 5 to 10 years would wear out my joints,” he said. That’s when he turned to Dr. Brian Mosier and the AHN Sports Medicine team — the same team that Josh Bell trusts for his health care.

Brett had advanced transplant surgery that used live cartilage from an organ donor — an innovative treatment that can last up to 20 years. Today, Brett’s active again, back to sports, nature, and the family life he loves.

“Dr. Mosier was very realistic about long-term expectations, and I had to be patient during recovery, but I’m up to full strength now,” said Brett. “I want this knee to last.”

No matter what your routine, you like Brett and Josh can get expert-level care from the sports medicine team at AHN. Call (412) DOCTORS (412) 362-8677 or request an appointment to learn more about 
AHN Orthopaedic services.

Are You Game Ready?

Whatever sport, whatever level – stay ready for life’s amazing moments.
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    Different Routines

    A gymnast since age three and a midfielder on her high school soccer team, Jill was sidelined by severe knee pain. She got to talk about her experience with someone else - Pirates first basemen Josh Bell.

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    Football’s been a big part of D.J.’s life. “My Dad got me into it as a kid,” he said. “After each injury, he was proud that I never gave up.” He shared his story with Pirates first basemen Josh Bell.

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