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Different Routines. Same Care.

Jill wasn’t ready to give up the sports she loves. A gymnast since age three and a midfielder on her high school soccer team, she was sidelined by severe knee pain. Years of overuse had damaged her joints. Whatever your sport, whatever your level, get major league care from AHN and get back to what you love.

Two surgeries. Zero missed seasons

“I moved my body in ways that it wasn’t supposed to move,” Jill explained. When rest and rehab didn’t help, 
Dr. Gregory Purnell and AHN Orthopaedics did. The same team Josh Bell trusted when he needed surgery.

“They knew right away it was my patella,” Jill said. With a clear diagnosis, her surgeries were scheduled during her off seasons to realign and reattach her kneecaps so her joints moved smoothly.

After recovery and therapy with AHN, she came back with stronger knees and more agility. Today, Jill’s back on her game and back to what she loves.

No matter what your routine, you like Jill and Josh can get expert-level care from the sports medicine team at AHN. Call (412) DOCTORS (412) 362-8677 or request an appointment to learn more about 
AHN Orthopaedic services.

Are You Game Ready?

Whatever sport, whatever level – stay ready for life’s amazing moments.
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