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From Pittsburgh to Dallas – MyChart helps Laurie Stay Connected with her AHN Doctor

At some point in our lives, most of us need to find a primary care doctor. Whether they are a longtime family physician or a recommendation from a friend, having a caregiver you can rely on becomes increasingly important.

MyChart has given Laurie Lenigan, an AHN patient from Mt. Washington, the unique opportunity to maintain her decades-long patient-provider relationship even after moving away from Pittsburgh.

In August 2015, Laurie was faced with a challenge when her husband’s company, American Airlines, moved their Pittsburgh operations to Dallas-Fort Worth. She left her job of 27 years, started her own consulting business, and began travelling between Pennsylvania and Texas.

Instead of searching for a new provider in Dallas, MyChart gave Laurie the opportunity to continue seeing Dr. Jennifer Preiss of Greentree Medical Associates. “I would never think about changing doctors so I’m happy we got to keep her. With MyChart, she is more accessible to me. I can send her a message if I’m having an issue and ask questions,” Laurie said.

Laurie and her two sisters also use MyChart to help manage their mother’s health. As MyChart proxies, they can access her medical record and help coordinate her care from anywhere online.

“We were away at a wedding in Florida and something happened. I got an update on my phone that my Mom had an infection so I called her right away. She said, ‘How did you know that?’ I told her, ‘It popped up on MyChart.’”

Laurie considers proxy MyChart’s most important feature because it helps all three siblings communicate about their mother’s health and check on her progress anytime.

“I love it. I think it’s terrific. Mom goes to a bunch of different appointments for her heart and it’s all on there. I worry about her so much; it’s so nice to know I can go in and check. If she has a doctor’s appointment, then I can text later and say how’d it go today?”

Her mother isn’t the only person she’s been able to monitor care for.

Shortly after Laurie arrived in Dallas, her son back in Pittsburgh told her he wasn’t feeling well. Concerned, Laurie sent a message via MyChart to Dr. Preiss’ office asking if they could see him. She received a reply back immediately that they had an opening the next day at 2:00 PM.

Even from 1,200 miles away, she was able to help facilitate care for her loved ones.

“I was sitting at the Dallas airport waiting for my flight to Pittsburgh, and it made me feel good knowing that Dr. Preiss cared enough to see him that quickly and take care of him.”

Laurie found the caregiver she trusts in Dr. Preiss, and MyChart has helped her continue that relationship. “She’s like a member of our family. She’s so caring.”