Strength Training Services

From running miles to running errands, strength training services from Allegheny Health Network (AHN) help your body keep pace with your busy lifestyle. We are home to some of Pennsylvania’s premier sports performance and strength training facilities.

What is strength training?

Strength training includes focused exercises that challenge your muscles. Using large rubber bands, barbells, and your body weight, we help you build muscle in ways that are not possible with other activities. Strength training won’t add bulk to your frame. Instead, muscles become stronger and leaner so you can push your limits to the max.

Strength training services from AHN: Why choose us?

Our team includes licensed strength and conditioning specialists who are also certified strength and conditioning specialists (CSCS). Certification means our trainers maintain high standards for safety and a commitment to using the best available techniques. Meet our orthopaedic and sports medicine team.

If you are receiving physical therapy while recovering from an injury, your care may include strength training. Building strong muscles may help you feel better faster while lowering your risk of future injury. Get more information about orthopaedic physical therapy.

Premier sports performance facilities at AHN

We deliver strength training services in a world class facility that includes all the latest equipment, including free weights and kettlebells. Sports teams of all levels, including area high schools, several professional athletes and the Pittsburgh Riverhounds professional soccer team, also use our training facilities.

Read more about our locations at the Sports Complex at Cool Springs and Wexford Plaza.

About our strength training services

Your strength training program begins with a complete evaluation. Our strength and conditioning specialists ask you about the activities you enjoy as well as your performance goals. We assess your muscles to learn which areas are tight, loose, weak, or strong. We use this information to develop a personalized strength training plan.

Our services include:

  • “50/50 ” integrated program for injury recovery, where you spend a portion of the session with a licensed physical therapist and the other portion with a strength and conditioning specialist.
  • Focused strength training plans for endurance athletes, including cyclists, swimmers, runners, and triathletes.
  • Strength training sessions for active adults to help them regain their fitness, reduce the risk for injury, and get back to their favorite activities.
  • General strength training sessions to help active adults avoid injury.
  • Off-season training for team sport athletes, including soccer and football players.
  • Programs to help competitive and elite athletes play at the top of their game.

To learn more about our recovery services or make a reservation, call (412) 437-3001(Cool Springs) or (724) 934-2440 (Wexford).