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Asthma Care in Western Pennsylvania

Next time you blow up a beach ball, remember that Allegheny Health Network helps 1,800 kids with asthma every year, so they can breathe, run, and play.

Did you know:

  • Nearly 25 million Americans have asthma; one of the most common and costly diseases in the U.S.
  • More than 9% of children live with asthma. It is the number one chronic cause of being absent from school. Boys are more affected than girls.
  • African-Americans are 3 times more likely to have serious problems from asthma.
  • Pittsburgh ranks 27 among 100 U.S. cities where it is challenging to live with asthma, based on how prevalent asthma is, risk factors and medical factors.
  • Asthma is caused by inflammation or swelling of the airways.  Symptoms include trouble breathing, wheezing, coughing and chest tightness.

Asthma Treatment at AHN

AHN offers comprehensive allergy and asthma services for all ages at Allegheny General Hospital, Saint Vincent HospitalWest Penn Hospital, and Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion, we:

  • Screen school children for asthma risk
  • Implementing school based treatments
  • Conduct robust clinical research programs for asthma treatment options