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Home Medical Equipment & Supplies

When you have a need for home medical equipment or supplies, Allegheny Health Network’s Home Medical Equipment division provides you with many options. Our goal is to improve or enhance your comfort and independence so you can continue your recovery at home. We understand that your healthcare is too important to entrust to anyone, which is why you can count on our knowledgeable staff for dependable customer service and the highest quality.

We will help you select from a full line of equipment and supplies to support respiratory, mobility, orthotics, and recovery needs, including, but not limited to: 

Respiratory Equipment


  • Stationary systems
  • Lightweight portable systems (for travel)
  • Home filling systems

Sleep Therapy

  • CPAP devices
  • Bi-level devices
  • Mask/supply replenishment
  • Individualized coaching and adherence programs

Other Respiratory Devices

  • Aerosol therapy
  • Pulse oximetry devices
  • Suction/tracheostomy machines
  • Cough assistance devices

Mobility Equipment

Manual wheelchairs

  • Transport
  • Standard/Complex
  • Wheelchair cushions

Complex Wheelchairs

  • Power mobility
  • Scooters
  • Seating systems

Home Medical Equipment

  • Ambulatory Aids
  • Walkers
  • Canes/Crutches
  • Rollators

Bed and Bath Equipment

  • Hospital beds and mattresses
  • Over-the-bed tables
  • Bedside commode

Assistive Devices

  • Orthotic Braces/supports
  • Lymphedema/edema support
  • Compression stocking/sleeve
  • Burn garments
  • Lymphedema pump

One of our compassionate staff members will initiate equipment placement, explain safety features and teach you safe use and proper maintenance on the equipment. In addition, you can call us whenever you have a question or problem.

To Reach Us

To arrange for medical equipment and supplies, please call 1.800.381.8080.