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Mental Health at AVH

At Allegheny Valley Hospital, we offer comprehensive individualized care and professional treatment in our 22-bed inpatient, short-term mental health unit. The unit is centrally served by a nurses’ station in the center of the unit’s two halls, and the comfortable atmosphere is enhanced by dining and lounge areas, a kitchen, laundry facilities, and a recreation/occupational therapy area. We also offer an 18-bed mental health unit dedicated exclusively to seniors.
Closed Adult Psychiatric Unit
Everyone experiences emotional difficulties in their lives. However, for some, these pressures can be overwhelming. The 2F Psychiatric Unit at Allegheny Valley Hospital offers patients an opportunity to discover effective ways to regain control of their lives while sharing their experiences with people much like themselves in a comfortable, therapeutic setting.
A 22-bed inpatient, short-term unit, 2F offers comprehensive individualized care and professional treatment. The home-like atmosphere of the unit is enhanced by dining and lounge areas, a kitchen, laundry facilities and a recreational/occupational therapy area.
With the nurses’ station located at the center of the unit’s two halls, the staff is afforded easy patient access to provide the best possible care. Room assignments to the 16 single-occupancy and three double-occupancy rooms are based on individual patient needs.
The 2F Unit is locked at all times. Patients need to be granted permission by their physician to leave the unit unaccompanied. To afford all patients protection and privacy, no one is permitted on the unit without clearance from a member of the nursing staff.
Allegheny Valley Hospital’s guidelines for patient confidentiality are in accordance with state and federal regulations. Under usual circumstances, no information will be released to any person without the patient’s prior, informed written consent. If a patient poses a clear and present danger to himself or others, the staff is legally obligated to take steps to prevent harm to the patient or members of the community. In some cases, these steps may include breaching the patient’s confidentiality. Under extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to involve the legal system.
Family members and other visitors to the unit are expected to respect the privacy of the patients and others on the unit. Visitors should be aware that what they say about Allegheny Valley Hospital patients to others may be detrimental. Those visitors who breach patient confidentiality could be held accountable through civil action in the form of a lawsuit brought on by the person whose confidentiality was violated.
The Treatment Program
Patients admitted to the Psychiatric Unit participate in a therapeutic program designed to meet individual needs. Each patient’s care is under the direction of a psychiatrist. In addition, each person is assigned a social worker and a primary nurse/associate primary nurse. Recreational and occupational therapists are also involved in patient care. Together, this treatment team plans and implements your treatment.
For more information regarding the Mental Health units at Allegheny Valley Hospital, please call:
Adult Mental Health Unit, 2F - 724.224.5100, Ext. 3355
Geriatric Mental Health Unit, 2E - 724.224.5100, Ext. 3337