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Mental Health

Mental Health at Saint Vincent Hospital

Saint Vincent is well-known for its long time commitment to providing quality mental health services to the Erie community.  Click on the links below to learn more about the services offered through Saint Vincent Behavioral Services:


Needs Assessment


Our specially trained behavioral health professionals are available 24/7 in the Saint Vincent Emergency Department to provide support and complete evaluations to determine if further mental health treatment is needed. Needs assessment staff meet with patients in the Lincoln behavioral health assessment area, a four-room unit located off the Saint Vincent Emergency Department, in a secure and safe environment of the hospital. This area provides comfort and privacy while the evaluation is being completed.

Adult Inpatient Services

Adult Inpatient Services

Saint Vincent has the area's longest running inpatient program which offers treatment in a safe and caring environment under a doctor's supervision. Sometimes, it is necessary to seek inpatient care when problems make daily living difficult. The inpatient unit is not a substitute for living at home. It is for people who choose to come in for treatment and will eventually return home.

At Saint Vincent, your caretakers work as a treatment team. This team includes a psychiatrist, nursing staff, inpatient therapist/social worker, recreational therapist and other professionals if necessary, such as dietitians, counselors, psychologists and occupational therapists. The treatment team works with the patient's existing support system and identifies additional sources of support when needed.

Saint Vincent's Inpatient Adult Behavioral Unit is located at 232 West 25 Street in Erie, PA. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 814-452-5555 or toll free 1-888-950-9090.


Psychology Services


Saint Vincent Health Psychology Services
Gay Lipchik, PhD

Gay Lipchik, PhD is a nationally recognized health psychology/behavioral medicine expert in the areas of chronic pain and headache management. She has published 10 chapters and over 25 articles in peer-reviewed journals such as JAMA, Headache, Clinical Journal of Pain and Cephalalgia.  

Dr. Lipchik provides outpatient care at Saint Vincent Health Psychology Services. She assists patients and their families in coping with the emotional/psychological adjustment that is necessary with illnesses such as chronic pain disorders (headache, back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome or RSD), cancer, cardiac disease, diabetes, lupus and multiple sclerosis.  She is also a certified bereavement/grief counselor.  

Dr. Lipchik provides:

  • Psychological evaluation and treatment with an emphasis on the emotional adjustment to chronic illness and self-management skills for patients' illnesses
  • Presurgical psychological evaluations for spine surgery, including implantable devices such as spinal cord stimulators
  • Presurgical psychological evaluations/screening for bariatric surgery
  • Bereavement/grief counseling
  • Cognitive-behavioral pain/headache management
  • Stress management, relaxation training, guided imagery, biofeedback
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy for sleep disorders  


Dr. Lipchik’s office is located at 1910 Sassafras Street, Suite 300 in Erie, Pa. To schedule an appointment or for additional information, call 814-454-4885.

Geriatric Behavioral Services