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Additional Patient Information and Education

Newborn Photographs

Many parents wish to have their newborn photographed during his or her stay. West Penn Hospital does not allow photography of any kind during the labor and delivery process or during medical procedures and treatments. There will be many other opportunities to photograph your newborn throughout your stay. West Penn Hospital provides an opportunity for professional photography through an independent company. Information about the variety of packages available for purchase, as well as the company’s Web site, will be made available to parents following delivery.

Social Services

A social worker is available to any mother who requests or requires these services. The social worker will assist in completing WIC forms, birth certificate worksheets and paternity papers, as well as provide referrals for home health visits.

Birth Certificates and Social Security Numbers

Birth certificate worksheets are provided after each baby’s birth and should be completed prior to discharge. An opportunity for parents to apply for their newborn’s social security number is also provided with the worksheet. Please note, however, that social security numbers are separate from birth certificates, and both may take up to 12 weeks to receive.

Additional Patient Information and Education

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also provides information regarding Shaken Baby Syndrome and newborn hearing. Screening of each newborn’s hearing is completed prior to discharge, with the results provided to the baby’s mother. The recommended Hepatitis B vaccine series may also be started during the newborn’s hospital stay.