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Assisting Visitors and Friends

Parking Services

West Penn Hospital’s Parking Complex is located on the corner of Liberty and South Millvale avenues. Parking fees are based on an hourly rate; there is no charge for parking on the day of discharge. On-street parking, utilizing meters, is dictated by the City of Pittsburgh.


At The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, our visitation policy supports security, privacy, safety, comfort, and confidentiality for all patients.  The following guidelines for visitors in the Obstetrics areas are strictly enforced for the privacy and safety of all labor and delivery patients.

Labor and Delivery Suites

Each Labor and Delivery patient will be given “visitor” tags on admission. The "support person" tag must be kept with the support person only.  The "visitor" tags can be exchanged between any other visitors, but the exchange must be done in the unit's waiting area.

Note:  No visitors under the age of 14 years are permitted in a laboring patient’s room at any time.

The mother's support person may be at the bedside throughout the entire labor and delivery process except when the patient is receiving her epidural. For the period of time that the epidural is placed, no visitors will be permitted to be in the room. This is done to protect the patient, because an epidural is placed under strict sterile conditions.

For the labor process, the patient will be permitted 2 other visitors at the bedside.

The maximum number of visitors in a laboring patient’s room at one time is kept to 3 persons. Once the patient begins the “pushing” phase of delivery, the visitor tags can no longer be exchanged.

Three persons are permitted in the room for the delivery.

At any time, if the patient’s condition warrants, the nurse and/or physicians reserve the right to ask that any or all visitors leave the patient room.

Visitors are not permitted to wait in the hallways of the labor and delivery areas; visitors must wait in the Labor and Delivery waiting area, even for anticipated short time periods.

Operative Deliveries (C-sections)

No visitors are permitted in the preoperative/operative areas or in the Recovery Room. Only the patient's support person is permitted in the operating suites and Recovery Room and only subject to the patient’s condition:  we do not allow support persons to be present in the operating suite if the patient is undergoing general anesthesia or if the procedure is occurring in West Penn Hospital's main (4th-floor) Operating Rooms.

Postpartum (after Delivery)

Following delivery, the patient can have unlimited visitors once the patient and infant are stabilized and give the “go ahead” for visitors.


Imaging of the labor and delivery process (any type of photos, video, etc.) in any form is not permitted.

Pictures and videos may be obtained only after the infant has been stabilized after delivery.


Patients should plan to be discharged from the Hospital between 11 a.m. and noon.

Cafeteria and Gift Shop

The Friendship Dining Room is located on the first floor of the North Tower. The Gift Shop, also located on the first floor of the North Tower, offers a wide selection of greeting cards, fresh flowers, snacks and candy.