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Childbirth Support Services

Newborn Nutrition

West Penn Hospital’s philosophy is to provide support to parents and their newborns, regardless of whether a mother chooses to bottle feed, breastfeed or utilize a combination of both. Lactation consultants are available seven days a week to assist with breastfeeding and will visit every breastfeeding mother at least once during her stay. These services, as well as breast pumps to help stimulate milk production, are also provided to mothers with newborns who have been admitted to the NICU. A choice of formula products is offered.

Car Seat Safety

Patients will be asked to bring an infant car seat to the Hospital prior to discharge so that it can be examined to ensure a proper fit. In addition, Hospital staff will confirm that the car seat is installed and used properly. A video regarding car seat safety is provided, as well as written information.

Choosing a Pediatrician

West Penn Hospital recommends that parents-to-be choose a pediatrician prior to the birth of their child. Patients who have not yet selected a pediatrician at the time of birth will have their babies examined and assessed by a staff pediatrician.