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Maternal/Child Health Services

Neonatal Intensive Care

West Penn Hospital’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides the highest level of intensive, nurturing care to more than 500 critically ill infants annually. The 40-bed Unit is located on the fifth floor of the Tower. High-risk obstetric patients who are referred to West Penn Hospital receive a prenatal consultation from a neonatologist to discuss their infant’s prognosis and the care that will be provided in the NICU. The goal of the consultation is to orient prospective parents to the environment of the NICU and to prepare them as much as possible for the experience. For more information about the NICU, call 412.578.5306.

Pediatric Care

The pediatric unit, which is located on the fourth floor of the hospital’s North Tower, is specially designed to care for children of all ages and developmental levels. Staff care for newborns who are transitioning between the NICU and home, and those who must spend additional time in the Hospital due to elevated bilirubin levels (jaundice), or feeding and/or weight loss problems. Parents are welcome to stay with their children and are considered an integral part of the child’s healthcare team. For more information about the Pediatric Care Unit, call 412.578.5425.

Infant Apnea Center

The first of its kind in southwestern Pennsylvania, West Penn Hospital’s Infant Apnea Center evaluates, manages and monitors babies and young children at risk for life-threatening events. In addition, the Center provides support and follow-up for infants who are on home monitors and home oxygen. From referral to resolution, the Center’s focus is to provide the specific services required by these high-risk children and their parents. For more information about the Infant Apnea Center, call 412.578.5590.

Pediatric VIEW

The Western Pennsylvania Hospital accepts referrals to Pediatric VIEW for children ranging in age from infancy through school age who have demonstrated or suspected visual impairment. Referrals may be made by healthcare providers, education providers or family members. In the program, children receive a comprehensive evaluation of their functional visual skills, as well as an assessment of their developmental status. The evaluation is conducted by a certified pediatric developmental specialist in a play-based environment. After the evaluation is complete, family members receive a detailed report on the findings and recommendations of the specialist. For more information about Pediatric VIEW, call 412.578.5858.