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Concussion Care


It’s important to seek medical attention when you have suffered a head injury, especially if you have loss of consciousness, headache, blurred vision and dizziness. There is a good chance you may have a concussion.

While most concussions will resolve within 7-14 days, some people continue to experience worrisome or prolonged symptoms. Left untreated, some concussions can cause long-term problems. That’s when the concussion experts at Allegheny Health Network can help.

Our concussion management team brings together nationally recognized experts who can help you manage your symptoms and return to your everyday activities. We use the most advanced technology to determine if you have a concussion and are suffering from any cognitive deficits. We also give you every available treatment option, including medication management, physical therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

You can count on our team to coordinate your personalized treatment plan every step of the way. We will be there to support your challenges, keep your spirits up, listen to your concerns and strengthen your overall well-being.

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