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If you are among the 10 million Americans who have osteoporosis (also called bone loss), you are at special risk for suffering a weakening of the hips, spine, wrists and other bones. That can lead to painful fractures, spinal curvature and loss of mobility. Fortunately, early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent fractures, decrease pain and minimize further bone loss.

The osteoporosis experts at the Allegheny Health Network Orthopaedic Institute can help you to manage your symptoms and enjoy a higher quality of life. We give you every available treatment option, including medications, hormone replacement therapies, rehabilitation and surgery.

You can count on our team to coordinate your personalized treatment plan every step of the way. We will be there to support your challenges, keep your spirits up, listen to your concerns and strengthen your overall well-being.


We have assembled a multidisciplinary team of specialists who collaborate to develop an optimal treatment plan for you. This spectrum of care ensures that you have access to every possible treatment, procedure and clinical trial best suited for your situation.

Our extensive treatment options include:

Lifestyle changes (e.g., maintain an ideal body weight, increase walking or other weight-bearing exercises, minimize caffeine and alcohol consumption, stop smoking, maintain an adequate intake of calcium and Vitamin D through diet and supplements, prevent falls)

Medication regimen

Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT)


Surgery (when a patient suffers a fracture)

Jefferson Hospital’s Own the Bone Program can also help patients who are admitted to the hospital with a fragility issue. This program is aimed at better identifying, evaluating and treating patients who suffer from osteoporosis or a low bone density-related fragility fracture (a broken bone that results from a fall from a standing height or less).