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Concussion Care at Saint Vincent Hospital

The Saint Vincent Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic is a physician-based concussion program featuring specially trained concussion experts who can provide a comprehensive concussion management program, including:

  • Primary diagnostic services
  • Simple, quick-referral access to a network of specialist services
  • Coordination of interventional treatments such as cognitive and vestibular therapy
  • Follow-up consultation for return-to-play decisions

    Saint Vincent Sports Medicine physicians will manage a comprehensive, personalized treatment program for concussion patients to get them back in the game safely by combining the following specialty services, based on the patient's individual needs.

    Sports Medicine

    • Baseline concussion testing
    • Contact with school (for curriculum exceptions, tutoring, etc.)
    • Medication management
    • Symptom management
    • Return to play    

    Speech (Cognitive) Therapy

    Speech therapy, also known as cognitive therapy, assists in the identification and management of changes in the following neurological processes as a result of concussion.
    • Attention
    • Memory (particularly new information)
    • Problem solving/planning
    • Social communication/function

    Therapy is tailored to match the individual needs and help patients resume successful day-to-day living that may have been interrupted due to symptoms from the concussion.    

    Vestibular Therapy

    Vestibular therapy is an exercise program provided by a licensed physical therapist specializing in the treatment of neurological, inner ear and other conditions that impact balance. It helps patients who suffer from a loss or imbalance within the vestibular system and other conditions by teaching them to focus on their stronger systems and work to train their less effective ones. Saint Vincent Rehab Solutions features the region’s only certified vestibular therapist.

    For concussion patients, vestibular and physical therapy will consist of:

    • Initial evaluation: through oculomotor (assessing eye movement) and balance exams as well as head/eye/neck coordination testing
    • Individualized treatment plan to address any oculomotor abnormalities and balance deficits
    • Light aerobic activity as recommended by physician in preparation for return to activity/sport
    • Manual medicine and muscle energy treatment for any underlying musculoskeletal impairment (for example: cervical strain/whiplash injury)    


    Psychologists assist in post-concussion assessment to determine how severe the patient’s injury is and use cognitive testing to evaluate the extent of recovery. Patients who have been diagnosed with concussions can benefit from neuropsychology because these experts specialize in: 
    • Working with concussion patients to help them regain verbal and visual memory, reaction time and processing speed 
    • Assisting athletes and their families, as well as teams and coaching staffs, with adjusting to the impact of concussion on academics, social interactions and sports participation 
    • Providing data and interpretation of recovery to help with return-to play decisions 
    • Offering more extensive neuropsychological evaluations if needed

    If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion, trust the region’s concussion experts at Saint Vincent Sports Medicine. To schedule an appointment, call 814.835.2035.