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Urinary Incontinence at AVH

Urinary Incontinence – a common and treatable problem
Millions of women, including new mothers and older women, suffer from bladder control problems. Many are too embarrassed to talk about urinary incontinence – even with their doctors – and never get the help they need. But help is available. Urinary incontinence is surprisingly common – and very treatable.
Take the bladder test -
Do you often have to hurry to make the bathroom?
Do you often have a strong urge to urinate?
Do you have any dribbling after you urinate?

Do you have pressure or pain before you urinate?
Do you lose urine with the slightest activities?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions, you may want to make an appointment with a physician.

Get back in control of your body and regain the confidence you deserve. 

To find an Allegheny Health Network physician who specializes in urinary incontinence call 412.DOCTORS (412.362.8677).