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Center for Men’s Health and Genitourinary Reconstruction at AHN

Men have unique health care needs. At our Center for Men’s Health and Genitourinary Reconstruction, our experts specialize in addressing your most personal issues and concerns.

Cancer side effects

We help men who suffer from side effects from radiation or surgical cancer treatments. Common symptoms include urinary leakage, difficulty urinating, urinary urgency, urinary strictures or fistulae, erectile dysfunction, and low testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction

We explore causes of this common problem, including: heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. We provide effective treatment options, including oral medications, injection therapies, and penile implant (prosthetic) surgery.

Low testosterone

We evaluate and treat your condition with topical and injectable medications.


We explore causes and provide treatment including hormonal and anatomic workup, or medical and surgical therapies.

Male genitourinary reconstruction

We offer surgical options for the management of buried (hidden) penis, genitourinary lymphedema, urinary fistulas, urethral stricture disease, ureteral (kidney) obstruction, urinary diversion, and other genital abnormalities.

Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature)

We explore causes and prevention methods. Treatment options include oral medications, and surgical therapies, including plication, grafting, and implant techniques.

Prostate cancer screening

We take a responsible, targeted approach to early cancer detection and potential treatment.

Prosthetic surgery

We provide surgical options, including implantation of inflatable penile prostheses, urethral slings, and artificial urinary sphincters.

Urinary problems

These include difficulty urinating, rushing to the bathroom, getting up at night to urinate, and urinary leakage. We provide a variety of treatments, including medications, behavioral therapies, and surgeries such as TURP (laser, button, and traditional).

Urethral stricture

We consider management options, including the latest surgical techniques with urethroplasty and buccal mucosal grafts.

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