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Athletes Live for Competition, One Patient's Road to Recovery

AGH Sports Medicine helps injured long-distance runner resume racing. Jason Baim is the epitome of a competitive long-distance runner. Jason, who trains with the Pittsburgh Pharaoh Hounds running club, typically runs 40 to 50 miles a week, in virtually any weather conditions and often over demanding terrains. Since he started competitive running seven years ago, Jason has participated in a variety of road racing events, from shorter 5Ks to marathons. Nothing could stop Jason from achieving his personal best. But when Jason experienced a knee injury last August, his running regimen came to a complete standstill. "I was training for the Philadelphia Marathon when I developed extreme pain and swelling under one of my knees," recalls Jason, 43, a resident of Squirrel Hill. "It was impossible to run and I was concerned that I might not be able to compete well again." That's when Jason decided to seek help from a medical expert. He made an appointment with Moira Davenport, MD, a sports medicine specialist at Allegheny Sports Medicine, part of West Penn Allegheny Health System's Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Institute. Following an exam and a MRI, Jason learned that he had patellar tendonitis—a common knee injury with runners.