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Illness Proves to be a Gut Check for Crohn's Patient

Allegheny Center for Digestive Health helping Crohn's disease patients enjoy better quality of life. Like most patients with Crohn's disease, Nicholas Hillebrand's life has been a vicious cycle that alternates between painful flare-ups and symptom-free remissions. "You can be washing your car or watching TV, when out of the blue, your digestive system is wracked by a number of debilitating symptoms," he points out. "Life comes to a virtual standstill. You don't feel like doing anything else except staying in bed. Eventually your body recovers and you feel normal. But if you aren't properly managing this disease, you are always apprehensive about when the next attack will occur." While Nicholas hopes medical researchers will discover a cure for this inflammatory bowel disease, he has found the next best thing: long-term remission without incapacitating symptoms. "My life is pretty much normal now, thanks to the great care I get from the Allegheny Center for Digestive Health," says Nicholas, 35, a resident of South Fayette Township. "I have been able to keep this disease under control for more than six years now. And I'm confident I can stay symptom-free and continue enjoying my life for many years to come."