Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Nine AHN Hospitals Receive Medical Block Grant from the Addison Gibson Foundation

PITTSBURGH – Allegheny Health Network (AHN) is pleased to announce it has received a medical block grant for use in 2023 from the Addison Gibson Foundation to support patients most in need of medical and financial assistance.

Fulfilling its mission to help those in western Pennsylvania receive necessary medical treatment free from financial hardship, Addison Gibson has been in support of AHN for decades.

“We’re beyond grateful to the entire Addison Gibson Foundation for their support of our network and its mission since the late 1960s,” said Allie Quick, chief philanthropy officer at AHN. “Their legacy of providing families throughout the region with much needed financial support closely aligns with our goal to see patients through their hardships with care, compassion and the highest quality of clinical therapies.”

AHN Allegheny General, AHN West Penn, AHN Allegheny Valley, AHN Saint Vincent in Erie, AHN Jefferson, AHN Forbes, AHN Wexford, AHN Grove City and AHN Canonsburg hospitals will receive a portion of the block grant. The funding will offset medical expenses for local patients with qualifying income levels who have necessary, planned surgical and/or medical treatments.

Reports estimate that, over a 12-month period, two out of five adults in the state who need health care services encounter cost-related barriers, with nearly 30 percent delaying care or a procedure as a result. In addition, one-third of Pennsylvania adults reported taking special measures to pay medical bills, such as depleting their savings or deferring payments for necessities like food, heat or housing.

AHN also maintains a robust social-determinants-of-health strategy to remove barriers to care for those living in underserved communities throughout the region. Notably, the network has improved access to transportation, healthy food, financial assistance and community resources through programs including

AHN Jefferson’s Front Door initiative, its Healthy Food Centers, and Thrive 18, which offers community wellness resources and integrated health care services to residents of Pittsburgh’s North Side.

For more information on AHN and its community support network, go to ahn.findhelp.com.


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