About Your Stay at Forbes Hospital

Coronavirus Policy Updates

We have changed our visitor policies. Please note, the information on this page may not be accurate.

Patient care services

Belongings / valuables

Forbes Hospital has a process and designated area for the safekeeping of your valuables such as money, credit cards and jewelry. You will be asked to sign a Valuables Form and send home, whenever possible, those items which are not necessary for your hospital stay. You will receive a receipt of the stored items, which can be presented at discharge to retrieve your possessions.

Billing and collection

When you are admitted (or earlier, if you were pre-admitted), we ask you for specific insurance information so we can properly bill you or your insurance carrier. Most patients enter the hospital with some form of insurance coverage. There are many different kinds of insurance, and benefits vary depending upon the type of insurance or specific policy you have. We will do our best to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled under your particular policy. If you do not have insurance coverage, or have any other questions, call the Patient Accounts Department at (412) 858-2500 to speak with a representative for financial counseling.

Charity care program

As a fundamental part of its mission, Allegheny Health Network (AHN) is committed to providing treatment to anyone who turns to it for needed care, regardless of their ability to pay. In this context, the System and its hospitals recognize the challenges faced b