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Infectious Diseases

Conditions caused by an infectious disease often require specialized care, and you can find that care at Allegheny Health Network (AHN).

From Common to Complex

Our doctors diagnose and treat a broad range of conditions caused by infectious disease, with expert precision.

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Highly skilled team

Infectious disease physicians at AHN complete extra training after medical school through fellowship programs. These programs give our doctors advanced knowledge that they use to care for you.

A new infectious disease, COVID-19

We’re continually evolving how we treat Coronavirus (COVID-19) based on the latest research. Learn how to protect yourself and seek care when you need it.

Why choose us?

Our team works with patients and providers across our network to ensure timely and critical care where it’s needed. Learn more about how we work.
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    Coordinated care

    Our infectious disease specialists work alongside other AHN physicians to care for difficult-to-manage infections, like an infection in a heart transplant patient. 

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    Remarkable leadership

    Our nationally recognized infectious disease fellowship program use AHN’s standards for care and medical education to train physicians to become future experts.

  • A lab technician examining a flat glass slide that he is about to place into a microscope.

    Clinical research

    With research, our patients get access to clinical trial medications and we’re discovering the right antibiotics to cure severe infections and limit medication use.

Featured Services

Our infectious disease specialists offer a broad range of services to diagnose, treat and prevent infectious diseases.
  • Antibiotic Stewardship

    Antibiotics are effective at treating infectious diseases, but using them too long puts you at risk for serious complications. AHN is reducing the risk.

  • Infectious Disease Clinic

    It can be scary learning that you have an infectious disease. We deliver effective care for infectious conditions that don’t respond to standard treatments. 

  • Primary Care for HIV

    Our Positive Health Clinic delivers primary care and support services that meets the needs of people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

  • Prevention Program

    To prevent infections within our hospitals, we use special care techniques for treating seriously ill patients and special processes for cleaning medical equipment. 

  • Inpatient Consultation

    Physician consultations are available 24-hours-a-day, at one of our locations convenient to where you live or work, to care for patients with infectious diseases.

  • International Travel Clinic

    No one wants to get sick while traveling abroad, so we help lower your risk. You can receive the vaccinations you need based on your destination and travel plans. 

Are you a health care professional?

We are continually researching new ways to prevent, detect, and treat disease. Find specialists for your patient and discover educational opportunities for you.