Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Unsuccessful weight loss attempts can leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless. If obesity is affecting your quality of life, bariatric surgery may provide a lasting solution.

At Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, our bariatric specialists have deep experience performing gastric sleeve surgery on patients from different walks of life. Learning about what this surgery involves can help you decide whether this procedure – or weight loss surgery in general – could benefit you.

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What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery, also called a sleeve gastrectomy, is a type of bariatric surgery that involves removing a large portion (about 80 percent) of the stomach. Before gastric sleeve surgery, you will be sedated for your comfort and safety. During the procedure, a bariatric surgeon will:

  1. Staple off a large section of the stomach, creating a tube-like pouch that resembles the shape of a banana
  2. Remove the remaining stomach tissue (called the fundus) from the body

Sleeve gastrectomy helps you lose weight in two main ways:

  • A smaller stomach helps you eat less in one sitting, translating to fewer calories consumed.
  • Research has shown that this procedure has a positive impact on gut hormones, helping you feel full longer and improving blood sugar control.

Gastric sleeve surgery: Pros and cons

Each type of bariatric surgery offers certain advantages and disadvantages. Your overall health and other factors may mean one procedure could offer you better results.

We’ll explain all your options and help you determine the best way forward. Often, you can decide the surgical approach you prefer.

Sleeve gastrectomy advantages

Gastric sleeve surgery offers several benefits. It:

  • Helps you lose a significant amount of weight, quickly, with results similar to that of gastric bypass surgery (many patients maintain at least 50 percent of their weight loss)
  • Involves fewer changes to your digestive system (including no foreign objects or rerouting of the digestive organs) than gastric bypass surgery
  • Offers lower complication rates compared to gastric bypass surgery
  • Helps many patients control type 2 diabetes

Sleeve gastrectomy disadvantages

Gastric sleeve surgery also involves certain disadvantages. It:

  • Is nonreversible (permanent)
  • Can lead to long-term vitamin and mineral deficiencies

A comprehensive gastric sleeve surgery program

When you choose AHN for gastric sleeve surgery, you can also expect:

  • Expertise from a team of highly trained bariatric surgeons who are board-certified and trained in gastric sleeve procedures
  • Wide-ranging support that connects you to the resources you need to accomplish your goals, from financial guidance to support groups
  • Team approach from providers with different specialties – psychologists, dietitians, surgeons, and nurses – who work together for your benefit
  • Convenience of multiple locations so you can access the care you need, close to home

In addition to sleeve gastrectomy, our bariatric specialists perform a range of weight loss procedures, including:

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