Aluminum Cans for Burned Children

Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC) is a not-for-profit program founded in 1985. The goal of the program is to help keep children from being burned and to help children who have been burned get well. ACBC services are funded through aluminum can recycling proceeds.

Funds raised through ACBC support these programs:

  • Burn Camp — This program is a five-day summer camp for children who have been patients at West Penn Burn Center. Camp helps children talk out their feelings about having a burn injury, enjoy the support of other children who have had similar experiences and learn to take positive risks and build confidence.
  • West Penn Burn Center’s Back-to-School Program — This initiative helps ease young burn victims back into their school routine and helps classmates and teachers understand what has happened and how to help the burn victim.
  • Aid to Young Burn Victims — This program funds the purchase of toys that help children meet physical therapy goals through play.

You can support these programs by participating in The Western Pennsylvania Hospital Foundation's ACBC program.