Patients Privacy and Rights

Our physicians, nurses, and other members of our healthcare team are dedicated to responding to patients' needs and answering their questions. Also, our Patient Relations staff are dedicated to assist our patients and visitors, answer their non-medical questions, and provide further service to enhance their stay at our hospitals. If you have a current patient care concern, please contact the AHN Patient Experience Team at the relevant hospital for support.

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Medical record amendments

A formal request to amend your record may include incorrect test results, removing references to illnesses that are not accurate, and correcting errors within the record (left arm surgery versus right arm surgery). What would not be an amendment would be additions to your record or changes/updates that naturally fluctuate (such as current medications, weight, etc…), those requests should be made directly through your physician.

For all formal requests to amend your medical record, please download the above form and email to or mail to:

Allegheny Health Network
Attn: Integrated Risk Operations
120 Fifth Avenue Place
Suite 2900
Pittsburgh, PA 15222