The AHN Nursing Philosophy

Our vision

AHN Nurses are consistent in forging the future of professional practice. We nurture and empower our patients to engage in their health journey and live to their fullest potential.

Our mission

We practice with evidence supported expertise at the leading edge of nursing practice. AHN Nurses integrate our network of knowledge to advocate for population health.

Our values

AHN Nurses are committed, educated professionals. They guide and support the patient’s health journey by believing that every individual...

  • will be valued and treated with care, respect, and hope.
  • has the right to the highest quality of care and to take part in his/her decisions.
  • deserves honesty and confidentiality to maintain a trusting nurse-patient relationship.

Professionalism is embodied in every thought, action, and interaction. We are positive thinkers, dependable, efficient, and accountable for our actions. The pride, spirit, and passion of nursing is our legacy.

The Vitals - True Nurse Stories

The Vitals

A comic book created by Marvel.

Inspired by the real stories of AHN nurses.

Professional practice model

Allegheny Health Network’s Department of Nursing Professional Practice Model is for AHN nurses by AHN nurses.

The professional practice model symbol is the diamond-shaped kite. The kite signifies resilience, ascension, clarity, and wisdom. Patient, family, and community are at the center, encompassed by the virtues that represent and guide our nursing practice.

Within our professional practice model, we place value on the ` Magnet® model components.

The ANCC Magnet model components are:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Structural Empowerment
  • Exemplary Professional Practice
  • Innovation and New Knowledge

Relationship-Based care

Relationship-Based Care is an integral part of our professional practice. We provide a healing environment that exemplifies the deep commitment we have with the patient, family, and community. Our health care team creates a genuine human connection with people in our care.

Shared governance

Shared governance promotes collaboration, teamwork, and coordination among all disciplines. This promotes and supports decentralized decision-making. The frontline nurse identifies patient care needs and is able to autonomously address and take part in the resolution of issues.

Meaningful recognition

Meaningful recognition includes both celebrating our diversities while embracing our commonalities. AHN rewards the positive impacts of our health care team. They recognize and acknowledge employees for professional growth and compassionate care.

Quality outcomes

AHN nurses drive change through an organizational approach. They support best practices in the concepts of continuous quality improvement. Patient care processes are evaluated to ensure that they achieve the desired outcomes for care delivery, quality, service, and efficiency.

Care delivery model

Patient care delivery (CDS) at AHN is centered on the Relationship-Based Care (RBC) model. This model is an integral part of our professional practice. We provide a healing environment that embodies the commitment we have with the patient, family, community and health care team. This creates a genuine human connection with people in our care. RBC focuses on the relationship between patients and their families and members of the clinical team.

The six diamonds represent the elements essential to the implementation of RBC.

The AHN CDS diagram depicts how our Relationship-Based Care model supports and aligns with our nursing vision. The kite symbol signifies a professional nursing work environment which leads to optimal patient outcomes.