Nutritional Services for Gastrointestinal Disorders

Gastrointestinal and digestive disorders, such as Crohn’s disease, gastroparesis and celiac disease can affect how your body absorbs life-sustaining nutrients from food. Not being able to eat the foods you love without pain or other uncomfortable symptoms can be discouraging. We can help.

Treating gastrointestinal disorders through nutrition

At AHN, we offer a broad range of nutrition services to support people affected by gastrointestinal problems. Our patients benefit from our:

  • Experienced team: Our nutrition professionals have received extensive training on the nutritional impacts of gastrointestinal disorders, such as celiac disease and liver disease. 
  • Team mindset: Many specialists are involved in your care. Our gastroenterologists use advanced tests to determine how a digestive disorder affects your health. Our nutrition specialists help you come up with eating strategies that allow your body to effectively absorb nutrients. Together, we address all aspects of your health, so you can effectively manage your condition long-term.
  • Nutrition plans tailored to you: We learn about your nutritional needs and develop a plan that optimizes how your body digests and absorbs nutrients. We consider your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle, so your nutrition plan works for your life.
  • Convenience: At AHN, you’re never far from the nutritional advice you need. We offer nutrition support throughout western Pennsylvania, including at our Autoimmunity Institute’s Celiac Disease Center at West Penn Hospital. In our Celiac Disease Center, you can get both nutrition and medical expertise in just one visit. Learn more about our celiac disease care.

Our nutrition services

Our nutrition providers offer services tailored to your specific needs. Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from our:

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessments: We evaluate your overall health and nutritional needs, with a special emphasis on the role any gastrointestinal conditions play in your health.
  • Personalized nutrition plans: We offer nutrition strategies and support based on research-backed guidelines that are backed by nutrition science. We help you find ways to overcome the nutrition challenges you face, including helping you find ways to eat the foods you enjoy while ensuring your body can effectively digest them.
  • Nutrition counseling: We walk you through and track behavioral and lifestyle changes that help you improve your health. We will adapt your plan, if necessary, as your needs change.
  • Nutrition support therapy: For some patients, our nutrition specialists provide nutrition support through nutrient-filled liquid mixtures (TPN) or feeding tubes. We may recommend this therapy when a patient is unable to tolerate regular food intake.

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